Fire Meets Ice : by Wingedtora


Chapter 4 :  Things are Heating Up



Stork drew in a startled breath, his heart pounding with fear… and anticipation.  Here he was stark naked with a sexy… er, I mean dangerous Raptor holding him close. 



‘Did you really think you’d get away with that little stunt you pulled last time?’



The warm breath wafting over his sensitive ears nearly made his legs crumple underneath him, but those powerful arms kept him upright. 



‘You… you still remember that?’ the Merb stuttered, body heating up despite the frosted air drifting in from the tunnels. 



Large brown arms loosened enough for Stork to turn around to face his captor.  Repton leaned closer, pressing the green skinned youth against the rocky cavern wall. 



‘A Raptor never forgets his prey,’ hissed the lizard. 



Stork was the taller than most of his fellow teammates, except Junko, but Repton’s sheer muscle mass made him seem larger than he really was.  And the sharp, pointy spikes decorating the lizard’s battle gear weren’t very friendly looking.  If only he’d take off his armor…



‘So, salamander.  Do you have any last requests before I decide how best to extract my… revenge?’ the Raptor chuckled darkly.  The voice startled Stork from his thoughts, eyes darting up from the lizard’s burly chest he had been… admiring. 



‘I could help, er…’ the Merb stuttered nervously.



‘What?’ Repton blinked down at his captive.  This boy certainly was strange.  Merbs, in a whole, seemed to be a strange species.  Not that he ever saw many of them.  His team had an unfortunate run-in a few years before with a ship of Murk Raiders.  They had a Merb… but he seemed to fit right in with that crazy crowd of pirates. 



This Merb, on the other hand, was delicate.  Not scrawny, but just… strangely lean and agile.  Brilliant with machines, not that the Raptor would ever say it out loud.  As a pilot, his skills were hard to match.  He always seemed to have some trick up his sleeve to get him out of difficult situation.  Still, Repton couldn’t just let him go after he’d humiliated him in front of his brothers. 



‘I could help you…’ the Merb whispered, head hanging.  His body shook slightly… terrified for his life more than likely.  Repton smirked at the thought of having such power over this youth.  Here, in the middle of nowhere, the Merb was helpless.  His friends were, no doubt, off playing with the Blizzarians.  And being warm-blooded creatures, they had no idea that a frozen landscape such as this, could be deadly for a cold-blooded individual like a Merb… or a Raptor.



‘I’m a Raptor.  Why would I need help from a pathetic little worm like you?’ the lizard snarled, enjoying the flinch that followed. 



The little Merb was so defenseless… so delicious.  It had been so long since he’d felt the heat of another person’s body.  Repton had only ever mated with Raptor females.  It had never crossed his mind that he might one day want to sleep with another species… and a male at that.  Still, having a storm hawk naked, afraid, powerless, alone… his body responded delightfully to all this.  Perhaps he’d listen to the little one’s request… then fuck him against the wall… or in the hot spring… so many choices.



‘No… I mean… help you…’ the Merb stuttered timidly. 


‘Help me what, little salamander?’ Repton hissed, pressing his body closer.  A four-fingered hand came up to rest on the Raptor’s exposed golden chest. 



‘With…’ Stork shuttered, uncertain of how to continue.  Damn it all.  He was so turned on right now, he was shocked the Raptor hadn’t noticed, despite the fact that their bodies were pressed tight against each other. 



Repton narrowed his eyes down at his captive.  What was the little Merb mumbling about… oh.  A chuckle escaped his lips as he finally realized what was pressing against his leg.  So… the little one was turned on by this as well.  Interesting. 



‘I’m going to punish you now,’ the Raptor whispered deliciously into one pert green ear.  The Merb shivered in response. 



‘Yes,’ Stork whispered, barely even realizing the word had escaped his lips.  Green fingers trailed unbidden over the sculpted golden chest, pushing lightly as the hard armor in the way. 



The little one was so eager, Repton noted delightfully as he shrugged off his leather jacket.  Small fingers running over his scaled chest, eyes dark with desire.  Perhaps he’d ease up on his planned punishment.  And instead, focus on the many ways he could make HIS merb scream.