Fire Meets Ice



Chapter 1 : Terra Nore




‘We’re doomed.  Yet again, we’re stuck in the middle of a frozen wasteland.  And while the rest of the… team is off playing games with the Blizzarians, I’m stuck in this malfunctioning junk heap of a ship,’ Stork grumbled loudly, pounding at the heating coils frantically. 



Sitting back with a shiver, the green skinned youth glared around the room for another source of heat.  His eyes fell upon his stork monitor… ok, so he liked to name his inventions after himself, what’s wrong with that?! 



‘Absolutely nothing!  I can name my inventions whatever I want.  And I’m clearly entering the second stage of ice madness when I start talking to myself,’ the merb groaned, walking down the steps off the ship.  All around the ship was ice, ice, and more ice. 



‘Great.  When the others get back, they’ll find me frozen to death.  That’ll show them.  Some critical mission this is.  With my bad luck, I’d find an ice cave like last… time,’ Stork stared at the hole that opened into the mountain in front of him.  His monitor squeaked depressingly. 



‘Figures.  I just hope I don’t run into any lizards this time,’ the green youth complained as he stepped farther away from the safety of the Condor, into the gaping mouth of the cave.