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Fallen Angel


Chapter 3 : Lost Boy


‘Let me get this straight. You think I’m from some parallel universe, am I right?’ Draco stated, raising an eyebrow at the old man… no, wizard sitting behind the desk. ‘I believe so. Although, we do not know how you could have gotten here or why,’ Albus replied in his soft elderly voice. ‘I see. Not that I really believe this or anything, but if I did… what then?’ Draco asked, trying not to fidget. ‘You are quite welcome to stay at Hogwarts until a way if found to return you to your home,’ the wizard told him.

‘This is crazy. But, it would explain a few things. You sure this isn’t an Oz base and you didn’t brainwash Harry into a mindless zombie?’ Draco asked. ‘I assure you, I’ve not brainwashed any of our students, of which Harry Potter is one, as well as your other self,’ Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled.

‘All right, but I have one condition,’ Draco sat up straighter and opened his mouth.


‘He’s WHAT?!’ Harry’s voice echoed the Gryfindor common room. ‘Dumbledore believes that this Draco Malfoy is from some kind of parallel dimension. He’s offered to let the boy stay here and Draco wishes to stay close to you. It won’t be so bad, Harry. It’s just for the rest of the winter break. I’m sure Draco will want to go back to Slytherin once the term begins,’ Professor Lupin tried to explain to the distraught youth.

‘But he’s… there’s no way he’s not the real Malfoy. Parallel dimensions don’t exist… do they?’ the boy’s green eyes focused on the light haired professor who stumbled for an answer. ‘Whether they do or not, Dumbledore has chosen to believe Malfoy’s story and leave him in your hands for the time being. He’ll be here soon,’ Lupin said, standing up to leave.

Harry was left gaping after him.


‘Fancy digs,’ a familiar voice said with an impressed whistle. ‘Hello Malfoy,’ Harry groaned, sitting up on the couch and looking over at the blond. Draco was staring intently back at him, searching his face for… something. ‘What?’ he finally asked, irritated at the attention he was receiving from his rival. ‘You two really do look alike, but you’re not the same at all,’ Draco whispered, mostly to himself.

‘So… you’re really from another dimension?’ Harry asked, blinking at the other boy. ‘I guess. Hard to believe that only yesterday I was riding high in Deathscythe with the others. I wonder how I got here anyway. I mean really, wizards and magic, maybe I’m in a coma and having a freakin’ weird dream of some kind,’ Draco grumbled, stretching sorely.

‘There’s a spare bed in the boy’s dorm, that’s where you will be sleeping,’ Harry offered, getting up. ‘Hm… oh, guess so,’ Draco seemed quite subdued, probably from lack of sleep and pure mental exhaustion. Harry led the other boy up the stairs and to the right, slipping into the empty 6th year dorms. Harry was suddenly relieved that all of the other Gryfindor boys were away from Hogwarts till school started again in January. No one would ever believe this.

‘Where’s your bed?’ Draco suddenly asked, looking up at the slightly taller boy with his cool gray eyes. ‘Um… right next to yours,’ Harry realized. Ron slept on the other side of him, but the other bed was the only one free. ‘Kay,’ Draco mumbled, all but falling onto the soft red blanket and curling onto one side. ‘Aren’t you going to change?’ Harry asked, before realizing the other boy was already asleep.

‘Must have been a hard day for him,’ Harry mused to himself, sitting down on his own bed. For the first time since he’d pulled the other boy from the snow, Harry really looked at Draco Malfoy. It was so weird to see him like this, all dressed in black. His outfit looked kinda familiar, like the one the priest wore when the Dursley’s insisted that he go to church with them, one time only. Must be the white collar. He even had a black cap to go with it, his shirt sleeves rolled up to just over the elbows. His pants were kinda dark and baggy, didn’t he ever hear of color?

‘His braid,’ Harry found himself staring at the long tail of blond hair. It was so beautiful, woven delicately and probably as soft as a unicorn’s mane. ~What am I thinking? Draco isn’t beautiful and I am SO not attracted to him.~ Still… the other boy did look sort of cute just sleeping there, defenceless in a way.

~I’ll think about it in the morning.~ Harry decided as he changed into his pj’s and slipped into bed, placing his glasses on the nightable.


Author’s Note: I know, really short chapter, but there will be more soon. This is my first Harry Potter slash fic. In a way I see Draco as the more feminine of the pair, which is why I made Harry just a bit taller. But, Draco is obviously the stronger in this one, since he’s a gundam pilot. Thanks for all the reviews, but keep letting me know if you’re enjoying the story. I welcome any suggestions for the future.