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Fallen Angel


Chapter 2 : Discoveries


"What was he doing out in the storm?"

"So you just happened to find him, Potter?"

"Stop that, Severus. Harry wouldn’t have done anything to him. He looks like he’s been stuck in the snow for over an hour. He’s probably have hypothermia if Harry hadn’t rescued him in time."

Unknownst to the ones standing just outside the medical room doorway, the patient was waking up. Grey blue eyes slitted open, taking in the room slowly without moving his body. The owner of the body remained perfectly still as a nurse appeared to check his temperature, lightly touching his forehead, before slipping through another door, the voices getting louder for a moment as the door shut behind her.

Situation one, I’ve been captured by Oz and they are going to torture me for my information… AFTER I wake up. Situation two, the guys managed to find me and get me to… what was her name, that crazy woman doctor who tries to stick me like a pincushion everytime she sees me. Pomfrey, or something like that. Situation three… wait a minute, wasn’t Harry there? I remember seeing him, for a split second, he must have pulled me out of the snow. But, that means that they did take me to see the crazy doctor. Okay, escape time! No way am I playing pin the tail on Draco again.~

His body moved fluidly as he pushed himself off the bed and steadied himself against the wall. ~Shit. Forgot about the ankle.~ Silently, he crept towards the door, molding himself into the shadows of the door just as the woman doctor stepped back inside. With barely a glance at her back, he slipped out into the main medical room. What luck, it seemed that the speakers had left. That made it easier for him to escape.

"Shit," he swore under his breath as he froze and ducked behind one of the giant cabinets as the door opened and someone in long black robes stepped through. ~Oh crap, that’s General Lupin!~ The boy cursed to himself in his mind as he came to the conclusion that he was indeed captured by Oz. Which means the crazy woman doctor worked for Oz, that was bad. And, Harry! The braided youth panicked for a moment, trying to come up with a plan of escape. He sure as hell wasn’t about to leave Harry to the mercy of Oz soldiers, especially Remus Lupin himself.

"What do you mean he’s gone?!" Lupin asked, as the woman doctor filled him in on her missing patient. "He couldn’t have gone far in just 5 minutes, especially not with a broken ankle,’ the man stated, taking off out the door as the woman walked back into the room she came from. "They don’t know much about gundam pilots," the boy grumbled to himself, walking carefully but quickly despite his throbbing ankle. ~I’ve been in much worse scrapes than this and survived, a busted ankle ain’t about to stop Draco Malfoy.~


Harry was just spinning around the corner when he suddenly bumped into someone, hard. Taking a few steps back to keep himself from falling, he gazed down into wide greyblue eyes that were staring at him in obvious shock. Noting the other boy’s heavy panting, and the way he slightly leaned against the wall to take the weight off of one of his legs, Harry guessed that Draco was definitely injured. But, why the hell was he out in the hall.

Voice drifted towards them, but just as Harry was opening his mouth to say something, Draco grabbed his arm and jerked him into one of the rooms, closing the door behind them with a soft click.

Harry blinked at the other boy who seemed to be studying the door intently, listening as the voices drifted farther away. ‘Are you hurt? Wait, you’re the perfect soldier, you don’t get hurt, right?’ Draco snorted, gazing at him softly, a smile gracing his lips, not just the usual smirk. ‘Draco, what are you..?’ Harry managed to say, before he heard Professor Lupin and Professor Snape approach, talking loudly about the missing patient.

‘Damn. What kind of base is this? And what’s up with the robes, is it some kind of halloween party or something?’ Draco snorted, eyes still trained on the door. ‘It’s Hogwarts, Draco,’ Harry announced, trying to understand why the other boy wasn’t making any sense. ‘What a stupid name for a base. Are you posing as one of the soldiers here? Was there a mission I didn’t know about, or did you just come to kill me again for getting caught?’ Draco’s question completely caught the boy who lived off guard.

‘Why the hell would I want to kill you?’ Harry asked, eyes wide on the other boy. ‘Nevermind. We’ve got to get out of here before General Lupin and his cronies find us. They’d better not have touched Deathscythe or I’ll… well, we’re going to blow up the base anyway, but they’d still better not have touched him,’ Draco mused from his kneeling position beside Harry.

~What the hell is he talking about? Maybe he hit his head or the cold messed up his mind or something. I’d better get him back to Madam Pomfrey.~


When the voices were gone, Draco slowly opened the door and stepped back into the hallway. ‘Uh, lets go this way,’ Harry tried to direct the other boy, tugging on his arm in the direction of the medical wing. ‘I just came from there. That crazy doctor woman and General Lupin went in that direction. What floor are we even on, anyway?’ Draco seemed to ask himself, looking around for a window. ‘We’re on the fourth floor,’ Harry replied, still holding Draco’s arm.

‘Hm… we need to get to the ground level to set the detonators. Either that, or we can jump out the window and risk getting caught by the guards,’ Draco chuckled lightly and gave Harry a strangely amused look. ‘I’m not jumping out a window,’ Harry hissed, still tugging at the other boy’s arm. ‘That’s a first. Whatever happened to a simple, "Mission Accepted? Aw, don’t tell me the great Harry Potter is losing his touch,’ Draco stated jokingly while patting the darker haired boy on the shoulder.

‘Mission accepted?’ Harry asked, looking puzzled. ‘That’s the spirit! Lets rock this joint!’ the blond boy let out a small whoop and dashed down the hall with Harry tripping after him, still hanging onto his arm.


‘He’s still missing?’ Madam Pomfrey cried and threw her hands in the air in exasperation. ‘It isn’t like Draco to do this. Why would he have a reason to hide from us?’ Professor Lupin, the recently returned Dark Arts Teacher and werewolf, sighed. ‘No, it is not,’ Professor Snape agreed, looking brooding in his dark robes. ‘Well, don’t just stand here. Go find him before he hurts himself more!’ the witch doctor practically threw the two teachers out of the room. Eyeing each other in mild shock and indignation, Snape finally set out down the hall with Lupin racing to catch up to his long strides.


‘What’s that?’ Draco stopped short suddenly, causing Harry to bump into him. ‘What?’ Harry asked, rubbing his nose. A shadow appeared from around the corner, growing bigger and bigger. Draco’s gray eyes narrowed, his hand reaching instinctively for the gun he had hidden at his waist. However, the shadow turned out to be only a cat, which was of great relief to the blond boy.

‘Just a pretty kitty, aren’t you, girl?’ Draco smiled charmingly as he looked down at the animal. His gun was unnoticed as he slid it back into place and turned towards his partner. ‘Have you checked out the floor plan of this base? I’ll need to find the control room so I can set the detonator properly,’ Draco stated, jolting Harry out of his stupor. ‘Control room?’ the brown haired boy asked. ‘Are you sure you’re Harry Potter, the perfect soldier?’ Draco cocked his head and narrowed his eyes at the other boy, before smiling and shaking off the strange feeling. ‘Course you are. Sorry, you’re just acting so… unsoldier-like. You haven’t threatened to kill me once or grabbed my braid or even told me to shut up. That just isn’t like you. Maybe you’re sick,’ the blond stated, more to himself then to Harry.

A sudden movement put both boys on the defensive. The cat was moving strangely, shifting… growing larger. ‘What the hell?’ Draco hissed, hand going for his gun again. ‘Professor McGonigal,’ Harry sighed in relief, upon seeing his Transfigurations teacher. She was an animagus, able to transform herself into a cat.

Harry’s green eyes widened as Draco pulled out a gun from out of nowhere and pointed it at the teacher. ‘Hello crazy Minerva Lady. Didn’t know you practiced magic tricks,’ the blond joked, but his eyes remained deadly serious. ‘What the hell are you doing, Malfoy? You can’t shoot a teacher!’ Harry exclaimed, grabbing the other boy’s arm. ‘Teacher? Are you nuts or something, Potter?! That’s Lady Minerva herself, second to General Lupin. She’s the woman responsible for the deaths of rebels and innocent people. Besides, it’s our mission, remember? It’s not like they’ve wouldn’t have done the same to us if they didn’t need our information, right Lady?’ the sarcasm in the boy’s tone was thick with hate.

‘What is going on here?!’ Harry almost sighed in relief when Professors Snape and Lupin came striding up behind him. However, Draco merely glanced at them, gun still pointed unwavering at the startled and upset witch in front of them. ‘Professor Snape, Professor Lupin,’ Harry spoke, his voice breaking the silence. Draco’s eyes widened at the pair, before he glanced back at the woman in front of them.

‘All right, I want some answers. First, what the hell is up with the costumes? Second, who the hell are you?!’ Draco was looking directly at Professor Snape with a frown. ‘I am your professor, so come along quietly, Mister Malfoy,’ the man sneered. ‘Not buying it. You people are whacked, seriously nuts. Parading around in robes, what are you in some kind of a cult? That would explain Miss Split Personality,’ Draco stated, gesturing at McGonigal with his gun.

‘Draco, put the gun down,’ Professor Lupin’s voice was hard, different from his usual easy tone. ‘Gun?’ Snape and McGonigal echoed each other, not being familiar with the muggle weapon. ‘It’s a weapon, if he shoots it’ll kill you,’ Harry spoke, still trying to hold Draco back. ‘I knew I was right about the nuts thing, but I never expected the great Harry Potter to be a bloody traitor. You brainwashed him, didn’t you?’ Draco turned to the robed woman standing before him. ‘I most certainly did nothing of the sort, Mister Malfoy. If you do not put down the weapon I shall take 100 points from Slytherin and have you expelled from Hogwarts,’ the head of Gryfindor stated.

‘Slytherin? Hogwarts? More code words, boy are you people confusing today. Can’t we just skip the whole Halloween thing and get back to the war. Where are Deathscythe and Wing?’ Draco asked, his hand raising, the gun pointing straight at the woman professor’s heart.


Draco jumped when his gun flew out of his hands and Snape caught it easily. The boy’s grey eyes narrowed on the long piece of wood the strangely familiar man held, then darted to the angry woman glaring at him. ‘What the hell is going on?’ he mumbled to himself, now extremely uncertain about the situation. ‘I believe, Mister Malfoy, that it is time for you to visit Albus Dumbledore,’ McGonigal stated, taking hold of one arm while Lupin grabbed the other, to keep the boy from fleeing.

Draco glanced back at Harry who just stared sadly after him next to Snape. ‘Fine then, traitor,’ Draco growled under his breath, allowing the pair to lead him. Who knows, maybe Professor D would be able to explain what was going on. The whole world was wacko.


‘He’s not himself, Professor. He kept talking about weird stuff, like soldiers and gundams and explosives. He called Hogwarts a base and said he wanted to blow it up,’ Harry told the potions professor as they walked after the three ahead of them. ‘Something very strange is going on. Mister Malfoy does not seem to be in his right mind at the moment,’ Professor Snape replied, too preoccupied to really grasp that he was allowing Harry Potter to walk next to him and even talk to him.


‘Lemondrops,’ McGonigal stated, as they stood in front of a giant statue of an eagle. Draco’s eyes widened in disbelief as it started to move and become a staircase. ‘Wow, you ozzies sure know how to party,’ he joked to hide his nervousness. ‘Indeed,’ the woman replied, humoring the boy. ‘Up you go, the headmaster is waiting for you,’ Lupin pushed the blond towards the stairs. Draco half glanced behind him, then decided he might as well. It’s not like he could escape if there were more magic using oz soldiers in this strange base. He was lucky not to be dead yet.

Shrugging, the boy climbed until he came to an even stranger room. ~Ooookay.~ Glancing around, he studied the place for any quick exits, upset that there seemed to be nothing but a small window. ~I might be able to fit through that. Damn, wish I had my gun.~ A movement startled him and he whipped around, staring into the deep sparkling eyes of Albus Dumbledore.


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