Fallen Angel

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Gundam Wing. This is a Harry Potter crossover with a Gundam Wing / Harry Potter fusion. Yaoi and slash pairings, mainly Harry x Draco. Some het pairings (since I do like Ron and Hermoine together).


Chapter 1 : From the Depths of the Storm


Ice glistened on the window as the snow poured down around the castle. Steam caressed the glass as the watcher sighed and leaned on his hands to gaze out at the white wonderland. It was the beginning of Christmas vacation, and Harry Potter was one of the few students who remained at Hogwarts for the break.

Even Draco Malfoy had returned home to his manor, so there was no one to argue with. It was going to be a very boring holiday. ~ I wonder how Ron and Hermoine are doing?~


The blizzard continued to rage outside, forcing the students to gather about in the main hall with nothing to do. "I must be really bored if I’m wishing for Malfoy to come back soon," Harry mumbled to himself, dropping his spoon back into his barely eaten cereal. Straightening, he left the hall and wandered to one of the giant windows that looked out towards the lake behind Hogwarts. "Look at it come down," he mused, rubbing the steam off the glass so he could see better. White and more white, like a giant blanket of soft cotton over the quidditch pitch, stretching to the lake which was almost unnoticeable except for the brief flashes of light bouncing off the glassy surface below.

~Wait a minute… what’s that?" Harry squinted into the distance where he could have sworn he saw a flash of black amidst the white. The snow was coming down harder than ever, but he could just make out a human-like figure clothed in black slowly making its way towards the castle. A moment later, the black seemed to almost disappear as it sank into the snow.

Without even stopping to call a professor, Harry raced to the closest doors and out into the snow, his dark robes trailing behind him. Whoever that person was, they were in trouble. Now, if only he could find them and get back without getting trapped out in the blizzard himself.


It seemed like an eternity before the boy who lived finally felt something brush his hands as he searched the snow. Grasping it, he gave a sharp tug and heard a gasp from the person at his feet. ~A braid?~ Harry kept the cord of hair in one hand and reached out to grasp the person’s under one arm to pull them up. The other leaned against him, as if standing was extremely difficult. ~I hope she’s not hurt.~

The dark haired youth pulled gently and began to walk slowly towards the castle, suddenly aware of how the other stumbled along. "Keep leaning on me!" he yelled over the icy wind, feeling a nod against his neck from the shorter person. The storm seemed to be moving closer and closer, pooling around them in sharp nips of cold that froze at their exposed faces and hands.

Finally though, Harry felt the door at his fingertips and tugged hard, stumbling into the castle and dragging the other person in after him. When the heavy door finally closed, Harry allowed himself a moment to sit on the ground and catch his breath, eyes closed, head tilted back. Beside him, the other coughed, braced on her hands and knees, face turned away from him.

"Are you all right?" Harry finally gathered up the air to ask, leaning closer and taking the other person by one shoulder. The person turned their head slowly, giving the boy who lived a glimpse of pale white skin and blue lips, before very familiar stormy grey eyes locked onto his. Seconds later, long lashes slipped down over those haunting eyes, and Draco Malfoy fainted into his arms.


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