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Crossing the Lines

Chapter 3: Board the Ship and Sail… away from Neverland


‘I can’t believe it… we’re really doing it,’ Billy whispered to himself, staring over the rail at the island. ‘And not a minute too soon,’ Mullins replied, as he and Starkey came past with a heavy barrel. ‘It’s just so weird. First Hook comes back with his hand re-grown, then starts yelling for us to start getting ready to sail at dawn,’ Billy continued, looking around at the other pirates who were busy doing last minute things.

‘Are you done with that cannon yet, Mr. Jukes?!’ Hook’s voice startled the youngest pirate from his state and the boy jumped to finish the last touchups on his precious Long Tom.

Hook glared down at his crew, before turning to look out at the island with a pondering gaze. Dawn was just rising on the water, casting its orange golden rays over the clear blue sea. It was a sight to behold, all that water which had been shielded by mists and uncrossable only a day before.

‘The boy’s doing, I’m sure,’ Hook mused to himself, taking a look at his new hand once again. The power Pan had shown continued to amaze him even now, although such power would make their journey all the more difficult.

(Flashback of Peter’s words)

~A pact agreed upon, your blood signed to it. To harm none of mine or myself, to leave the land of forever, to take my cousin and I with you.~

(end Flashback of Peter’s words)

The little brat had tricked him into agreeing to take him and his friend away from the island. Hook felt old anger rise up inside of him, the reminder that Pan loved to play tricks and make a fool of him… and it wasn’t likely going to change on the journey.

~Stuck with Pan for who knows bloody how long and not being able to kill him… that brat will drive me to Davy Jones Locker before anything else will have a chance.~

Speaking of the little urchins… the lot of them were gathering on the beach at that very moment. Hook gazed out and a glimmer of hope rose in his breast. Perhaps Peter had changed his mind. But, when his eyes looked upon the young boy, he knew Peter was dead serious. The boy really was growing up, for now he was a youth of 12, rather than a child of 9 or 10. The golden haired boy next to him seemed slightly older, and no longer as nervous as he usually was around them. Instead, Slightly, for that was his name, seemed stronger and more sure of himself as he looked at the ship and smiled lightly. Following the youth’s gaze, Hook was shocked to see that his gunner was staring back, stunned by the boy’s older appearance.

~There’s something going on between those two… or I’m not James Hook, the fiercest pirate to ever sail the 7 seas.~



‘It is time. Nibbs, I leave you as the guardian of Neverland until a new leader comes to take my place. You will know him when he arrives,’ Peter smiled at his second in command. The other boy nodded and their hands touched briefly. Peter sighed and looked over his little lost boys, children he’d saved, led, and protected. ‘How I wish I could take you all with me, but the outside world is not for thee. I shall miss you,’ Peter spoke, hugging each boy in turn, though they eyes were wet with tears.

‘Peter,’ Tinkerbell whispered, wiping her own teary eyes as her young charge turned to look at her. ‘I’ll miss you, little Tink. Guard my lost boys and the new leader,’ Peter answered, smiling sadly before turning away. Slightly noticed his movements and turned to follow, his own goodbyes given.

‘Goodbye Peter!’




‘Bye Slightly~’



The cry of children’s voices rose as swiftly as did the two youths who flew away from the island, towards their destiny.

‘Captin’, the brats have come to attack us again!’ Mullins yelled, reaching for his sword, as did the other pirates aboard the Jolly Roger. (?, check name of ship)

‘Be stay your swords!’ Hook ordered, and the shocked pirates did just that. All the men watched silently, both from shock that their captain hadn’t ordered them to attack, and that Pan would board the ship without a single taunt. Indeed, Peter and Slightly floated down and landed calmly on the deck without a word.

‘Well, it’s dawn, Codfish. You won’t go back on your bargain, will you?’ Peter asked, looking directly at the Captain. ‘Indeed, it seems that I cannot, with that spell you cast upon me,’ Hook hissed back at the youth, though he didn’t seem overly upset, just annoyed. ‘Well then, lets get this show on the road,’ Peter announced, walking up the stairs to stand next to the captain.

‘Hi Billy.’

Billy blinked and saw Slightly watching him with a gentle smile. ‘You’re… older,’ the pirate boy whispered, staring. ‘I’m growing up, and so is Peter. That’s why we have to leave Neverland. And besides, I couldn’t let you leave me,’ Slightly whispered, his eyes flashing deep blue for a moment. ‘Uh…’ Billy couldn’t say anything, but Hook’s voice rang out over the ship, ordering the crew to set sail.

‘It’s hard to believe… I’m finally leaving Neverland,’ Peter whispered, heard only by the man next to him. ‘For once, we both agree,’ Hook answered, as he began to steer the ship towards the horizon.


Author’s Note: Ok, they’ve finally left. Peter’s real secret is about to come out, but can Hook handle the change? Keep reading, and please review!

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