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Crossing the Lines

Chapter 2: The Hardest Decision


‘What do you mean, Pan? How can you be growing up? You’re an immortal imp sent to plague me, a fairy child who delights in the agony of grown men,’ Hook demanded. Peter blinked twice, seeming shocked at the man’s words. ‘I’ve never delighted in death or pain. You tried to kill my boys, and that made me angry, so I cut off your hand. It’s a very bad thing to make one of my kind angry, because we don’t know what we’re doing. And after that, I just wanted to play with you. I’m a child, Captain. Don’t you remember being a child?’ the boy asked, his eyes strangely sad.

‘Of course I do, you little brat. But, your games bring me nothing but a lust for revenge,’ Hook answered angrily. ‘Lust for revenge. I’m sure that can be changed. Here, I’ll offer one more thing into the deal. If you agree to spare my life and never harm my lost boys again, I shall give you back your hand,’ Peter smirked, knowing the man wouldn’t be able to resist. ‘How dare you taunt me, Pan,’ the man scowled.

‘No tricks, but truth. I can give you back your hand, but can you keep your word? And with your hand will come freedom from this island of forever. Do you agree?’ Peter wanted to know, his body balanced delicately on the tree limb.

Hook thought long and hard about the offer. He wanted to kill Pan, the boy infuriated him more than any other. But, if the boy could return his hand and give them escape from the ever-continuing attacks of the lost boys, then… but in exchange, he could not kill Pan. It was a hard decision. Should he think with his anger and kill Pan, or with his brain and agree to the offer. His hand back… and the ship’s escape from Neverland.

‘Alright, brat,’ Hook announced finally, looking up again. Peter was kneeling on the limb by this time, one hand pressed against the tree, his eyes almost glowing with a faint light. ‘Alright, what?’ the boy asked, his voice soft with amusement. Hook growled under his breath and spat out, ‘I choose my hand… and an escape from this nightmare isle.’

Peter nodded and leapt off the branch, landing cat-like on the ground without even trying to fly. ‘And here I thought you’d be thinking all day. Very well, be ready to sail tomorrow… at dawn,’ the boy said, peering into Hook’s facing… as if searching for a trick.

‘My hand,’ Hook growled, grabbing the youth by the shirt and lifting him up so they were face to face. Peter sighed and nodded as if to himself and the pirate let him go.

‘Do thee, Captain James Hook, agree to never harm a lost boy or one who has been a lost boy?’ the youth asked, staring the man in the eyes. ‘Yes,’ Hook growled, getting impatient once more. ‘Do you agree to sail away from Neverland and never return?’ Peter asked. ‘Yes,’ Hook replied once more. ‘Do you agree… to take me and Slightly with you?’ the boy asked.

‘Yes… WHAT?!’ Hook was enraged, not to mentioned shocked beyond belief. Peter smirked evilly, his eyes beginning to take on a golden glow. ‘A pact agreed upon, your blood is signed to it. To harm none of mine or myself, to leave the land of forever, to take my cousin and I with you. And with your words, I will fulfill my end of the bargain,’ Peter reached out towards Hook and the man found he could not move.

‘What are you..?’ the pirate trailed off as Peter touched his hook, a shimmering light flowing from his fingers and into Hook’s body. It seemed like an eternity that they stood there, silent, unspeaking, just feeling. Hook felt a slash of pain run up his arm, then a warm healing follow it, making him weak in the knees.

The pirate captain suddenly felt his mind begin to clear and his eyes fell upon the boy still standing before him. Peter wiped his hair away from his sweaty face, his eyes unfocused, his body trembling from exhaustion. ‘It is done,’ the child whispered, turning the man’s attention to the new limb attached to his arm. On the grass between them lay the hook.

Hook flexed his new fingers in amazement. How was it possible for a child, even for Pan, to have that type of power? ‘Tomorrow, James. At dawn, we sail,’ Peter whispered, before taking off into the air, away from that place where the future of Neverland had so abruptly changed.


Author’s Note: Thanks for the reviews so far. Glad you’re enjoying the story. There are a lot of more interesting things to come. Will Hook try to go back on his deal? Will Peter and Slightly really leave Neverland… forever. Keep reading, and find out!

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