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Crossing the Lines

Chapter 1: Getting Hook to Agree


‘Hey, Codfish!’ a very familiar child’s voice came from above, making the pirate captain jerk his head back to glare at the youth. The brown haired boy was hanging upside-down from one of the branches just out of his reach. The cocky grin on the child’s face made Hook even angrier than usual, or maybe it was usual when it came his dealings with Peter Pan.

‘Come down here and fight, you intrepid little urchin!’ the captain roared, pulling out his long sword, his eyes flashing with hate. ‘Now is that any way to speak to the person who is going to help you?’ Peter asked, swinging up to kneel on the branch and watch the man below. ‘You can help me by letting me kill you, Pan,’ the pirate seethed.

‘Same old, same old. Tell me, Captain, don’t you want to leave Neverland?’ the immortal child asked. ‘Of course I do. But this accursed island refuses to let us go,’ the man growled menacingly. ‘Then, tell me… what would you give up to leave Neverland… forever?’ Peter Pan asked, waiting patiently. The mere direction of the boy’s words should have alerted Hook to the seriousness of the situation, but he was too intent on killing the child to notice.

‘What would I give up? A pirate gives up nothing!’ the captain announced, waving his sword in emphases. ‘Ah, but in order to leave Neverland, I have to let you go. Not that I haven’t enjoyed playing with you, Codfish,’ Peter threw in the nickname with a grin. ‘Brat, I’ll cleave you in two the minute you stop fluttering about on the wind,’ the pirate answered, trying to lure the boy into a fight.

‘I ask again, Captain. What would you give up to leave Neverland?’ the boy put the emphases on the word "Captain" to make it clear to Hook that he did want a better answer. ‘Stop your ridiculous riddles and speak, Pan. Else come down and fight me!’ the man answered, already extremely annoyed by the conversation.

Peter sighed and got to his feet, his eyes locking with Hook’s and never wavering. ‘I can give you what you desire. You wish to leave Neverland and you wish to kill me. However, I can give you only one of the two. Kill me, and you’ll be trapped in Neverland forever. You’ll never age, and you’ll continue to be prey to every new lost boy who arrives on the island,’ the youth stated, his eyes strangely serious compared to the fun loving youth who fought with the pirates so often in the past.

‘And if I do not kill you, Pan? You cut off my hand. I have sworn vengeance,’ the pirate hissed, brandishing his claw. ‘Well, you did try to kill my boys, and still do. Honestly, you’d think a man such as yourself would see the truth,’ Peter sighed, shrugging his shoulders. ‘What truth, boy?’ the captain asked. ‘Children like to play. And what is more fun than fighting pirates? If I’d wanted you dead, you’d be dead… and I never would have let your ship come into Neverland in the first place,’ Peter spoke, getting ready for the backlash.

‘WHAT?! You little fairy child! You were the cause of my ship being stranded on this cursed island?!’ Hook was furious and wanted nothing more than to sink his blade into the child’s flesh. ‘Hm? Oh yes, yes. Nothing enters Neverland without my permission, lest it be family. However, I’m currently the youngest and all the others are grown. Except cousin Slightly, of course. But he’s beginning to age too,’ Peter sighed again, crossing his arms over his chest and spinning around on the limb.

‘What family could you have, fairy brat?’ Hook seethed, although his curiosity was peaked. ‘Lots. But, back to the question. What would you give to leave Neverland? Would you choose my death and an eternity here, or my life and the oceans that you will once more sail proudly? Choose wisely, Hook. I won’t give you another chance,’ Peter answered, eyes sparkling strangely.

‘Why do you offer such an exchange now?’ Hook wanted to know. For untold years, Peter had led the lost boys against them, and now he was offering them a way out.

‘It’s really quite simple, James. I’m growing up.’


Author’s Note: Wow, first chapter done. Peter growing up, how could that be? You’ll see, it’ll be explained better later. I originally wasn’t going to bring Slightly into the story, but I like him. I’m a big Billy x Slightly fan. Other pairings will pop up later. Slash mostly, so you were warned. Please review, let me know if you’re interested yet.

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