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Chapter 2: Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire


~Skullmaster POV~


Mine. The moment I saw him, I knew he would belong to me. Wide blue eyes like the sky, sun-kissed golden hair around his face. So innocent, so young… hardly the hero he was meant to be. The Chosen One, the Capbearer, many names for the person he is suppose to be.

I should kill him. Rid the world of the threat of his presence before he has a chance to think of siding against me. Instead, I let my shadow power wash over him and watch his eyes drift closed, unable to resist the darkness. I reach out and grab him before he can fall completely to the ground. After all, why should my little pet get dirty?

Yes. A pet. He’s young enough to be trained. People will fear me even more to know that their Chosen One who was to protect them is my slave. If he ever becomes a threat, I shall decide his fate then. For now, he shall remain as my most prized possession. Such lovely golden hair, my fallen angel.

I let the shadows fold around my body, holding his small form close to my chest. He sleeps a dreamless sleep, not realizing that when he wakes up, his hell shall truly begin. Such an innocent creature.

Turning, I step out of the shadows and into my palace. A giant fortress that I built long ago which has kept me safe from those who would try to harm me. It would not do to harm the boy yet, so I place him almost gently down on the large red and black silked bed. His form lays open and unguarded, native child. I trace a long fingernail down his soft skinned cheek and listen to him breath deeply, unresponsive to the world.

It is hard to believe he is the Chosen One. Virgil himself predicted his coming, but our search efforts left us no clue to the Capbearer’s whereabouts. In my anger I killed many of my soldiers for being unable to find one child. However, 14 years later, Virgil foresaw that Chosen One taking up the cursed cap and bringing upon my downfall. It was then that he was able to find the boy, after seeing his image.

Seeing the boy in the crystal ball had not prepared me for the reality of him. It seemed as if the ball lied although it only ever showed what would be. This innocent slumbering child to become my killer. I would not allow it. But, as my slave, I shall teach him humility. I will be his master and he will obey only me.

Yes, Capbearer. You shall be my key to total world domination.


Author’s Note: I don’t know much about Skullmaster except that he’s the main villian of the series. He’s able to change forms in this fic and has taken a very handsome human form. I’m trying to make him evil, and he will be, but there is something about Max that makes him soften a bit. Only a bit though. Yes, I know Max is only 14, but he’ll get older as the fic goes along.


IMPORTANT : (It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on this fic. This story will not be update. I appologize to all the readers who have enjoyed reading it this far. But, rather than not putting it up at all, I finally the chapters I’d finished writing. Anyone who is interested in possibly continuing this fic, please email me).