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CATS (musical)

Recently went to see CATS the musical, and LOVED IT!  Please enjoy the slash fics.


Brotherly Love : by Velvedere

CATS fic. Short story where Munkustrap and Macavity "resolve" their differences in a tough spot.


The Most Unusual Of Friendships:

by plain ol' nith

CATS. A Quaxo Tugger friendship ficlet that, hopefully, explains an odd friendship. (Quaxo is Mr Mistoffelees)


Mistoffelees: Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual : by DemiGold

All you ever needed to know about your new MISTOFFELEES model! This is the complete owner’s guide and manual for getting the most out of your Jellicle. 


How To Take Care of Magical Mr Mistoffelees : by Mystobub

The funniest of the "How to" fics!


Caterwaul : by Kytten

CATS Rum Tum Tugger is the target of Macavity’s latest attack. Seriously wounded, he has come to depend on Mistoffelees. TuggerMistoffelees slash


Library Cat : by Kytten

Tugger says there’s no cat alive he can’t catch. Mungojerrie calls his bluff. CATS slash.


Tuxedo and Stripes : by Moondancer

(Slash fic. May not be suitable for kittens.) -Misto/Munkustrap pairing.


I Give You : by idiosylph

Quaxo is discovering some new things about himself. Powers he never knew he possessed and feelings he never though he could feel. Will be slash, Tugger x Quaxo. (4+)


Right as Rain : by Rainjewel

CATS fic. This is what spews forth from my fingers after watching the video 43 times a day. I don't think that's actually possible, but I sure tried. Looks at what might have happened after the ball. Slash.

Good as Gold : by Rainjewel

*Complete!* Sequel to Right as Rain (please read that first!). Mistoffelees is back, but no one has yet explained to Old Deuteronomy what's going on. Contains slash. Don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen.


The Present : by Demeter

More Munkustrap/Macavity fluff. It's Macavity's birthday and everyone's forgotten. Or have they? Slightly more lemony than Reluctant Love, therefore the higher rating.


Why Can’t I Love You : by Robin Girl

Mistoffellees finally admits that he likes Toms, not Queens. SkimbleShanks x Mistoffellees. Very cute slash!


Why Can’t I Love You 2: by Robin Girl

SkimbleShanks has to save Mistoffellees from some mean Toms. Slashy.


Tested Love : by Spazzy Kitty

Misto and Tumble fall in love, but will the other cats understand?