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'Talking about it helps,' a tiny voice offered. Ushio glanced down at the ferret sitting next to him on the park bench. 'You shouldn't be out of the bag, someone will see you,' the boy turned away to stare at the setting sun. 'We've been wandering around this city the entire afternoon and you haven't said a word. Ushio,' the monster sighed the boy's name as he shook his green furred head. 'Hm?' the boy had been staring off into space again, not even hearing the creature until it said his name. 'See. You are so caught up in your past that you can't even admit that you need help. We have all been here for you, why not just let us in?' the ferret asked gently. 'This coming from a monster,' Ushio felt a tiny smile make its way onto his face even in his depression.

'Monster I may be, but stupid I am not. Now, spit it out,' the green furred ferret growled lightly, trying to feign anger. 'But...' Ushio turned away to stare off into the distance. 'Ushio,' the ferret growled again, noticing that the boy's attention was suddenly riveted on... 'Look, an ice cream truck. Come on, Kyo. My treat,' the boy strode off towards the white capped man handing ice cream to young children in bright clothes. 'Ushio, you are so not getting off that easily,' the monster grumbled to himself as he wove through the crowds of people towards his friend.

Cara skated through the park on her rollarblades, enjoying the afternoon sun against her back. 'Let's see. Ryo asked me to be at his place by six for dinner. It's only five thirty now, so I have enough time to skate around the rest of the park before heading there,' the teenager mused to herself, tossing her long pigtail over her shoulder as she raced down the path.

Children laughed in the playground, adults chatted in small groups, everyone was happy... That's when she noticed the boy. He was cute, really cute. By his tanned skin and dark eyes, she guessed he was Japanese. He was wearing what looked like a school uniform. Of course, being so hot out that afternoon, he had his jacket folded beside him on the bench next to his open bag. ~He's dreamy!~ That shoulder-length black hair, unbuttoned white shirt that showed off his slightly muscled form... wow! Cara blushed lightly as she skated down the path past him.

'I know, Kyo... What the heck do you mean by that?... No, I do not...'

Kara blinked as she realized that the youth was talking to himself, after all, there was no one else sitting next to him. Weird guy. ~How come all the cute ones are either taken, gay or nuts?~ She skated towards the edge of the park.

'It's getting late. Lets go home now,' Kyo poked his head out of the bag to stare at his human friend. 'Why?' Ushio gave him a confused look, cocking his head to the side. 'Dinner, of course,' Ushio shook his head at the answer he received. Trust Kyo to mention food in the middle of their argument. Speaking of which, he had promised his brother that he would be back in time for dinner. Sigh!

(Ryo's house)

'I think we should take Ushio out to lunch tomorrow. After all, school starts on Tuesday and I really want to show him around. You'll come, right Dee?' Ryo turned to look at his partner. Dee smiled charming back at him, sitting back in his seat at the table. 'I'll follow you anywhere,' Ryo blushed at the words and turned back to his cooking. Dee could be very flirty at times.

Ding Dong!

'Get the door, Bicky! It's probably Cara!' Ryo yelled as he took the lasagna out of the over. Dee groaned to himself as the annoying pair entered the room. ~Those brats... will be the death of me one of these days.~ Bicky grinned at his arch rival, intent on driving him insane before the end of the evening. ~Maybe Ryo'll finally kick the leech out. Heh, heh...~

The sound of the door opening brought a smile to Ryo's face. 'Ok, everyone. That must be Ushio,' the man wiped his hands on a kitchen towel and headed into the hallway. Voices filled the air before Ryo came back in, leading his younger brother. Cara's eyes went wide. ~It's the wacko hunk from the park!~

Ushio glanced around the table. He knew Dee and Bicky... but the girl. She kinda reminded him of Muyuko. Her hair was about the same color, maybe redder, with eyes a brilliant shade of emerald green. Wearing only a short sleeved pink shirt and jeans, she was quite pretty. Only, she seemed to be giving him the weirdest look. ~I don't have ice cream on my cheek, do I?~ Ushio unconsciously scratched his nose, really hoping he didn't look too shabby. After all, he was probably all dusty from the park. Ryo just smiled and motioned for him to sit.


'Ushio, meet Cara,' Ryo introduced the pair, leaning over the table to serve the lasania. Ushio blinked at the girl, then found himself staring down at what seemed to be thin pieces of squid over hamburger and other stuff. ~What the heck? I've never seen this before. I hope it isn't alive.~ He poked at the creature on his plate.

'Is something wrong, kid?' Dee smiled to himself as he watched the young man pick at his food. 'What is it?' Ushio asked, glancing up at his brother. 'Hmm? Oh, lasania. Noodles and beef and other healthy things. Just eat, it's good for you,' Ryo answered, sipping his tea. 'Uh huh...' Ushio didn't look too sure about that. Bicky rolled his eyes at his adopted father's words. Wasn't that just like a parent to push health on you during dinner.

Cara leaned closer to Bicky and whispered into his ear. 'Remember that boy I told you about?' she asked. 'Um, the crazy guy from the park?' Bicky swallowed his food and turned to look at her. 'That's him,' Cara motioned at the boy on the other side of the table. 'Ushio?' the street kid blinked at the older boy. ~That's weird. I didn't know Ushio talked to himself.~ As if the boy could read his mind, Ushio suddenly looked up from his plate and stared right at them.

Bicky flinched back at the dark gaze, his heart pounding in his chest. Ushio was very scary, even when he wasn't saying anything. Heck, he wasn't even glaring at them and he still managed to be scary. Taking a gulp of air, the boy began to eat, all the while half glancing at Ushio to make sure he didn't try anything... weird.


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