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Author's Note: This fic does contain some yaoi, because Fake is based entirely on that beautiful fact. Yaoi means Male x Male (eg: Dee x Ryo, not that Ryo ever admits it outloud). As well, Ushio has the beast spear hidden in a place that no one (not even the demons) suspect, it's a Secret! Enjoy the fic!

Ch 3. Fated Meeting

'... in your father's will. You are now the guardian of Ushio Auotski, age 16. He will be arriving in New York on Monday afternoon at 2pm. In addition, you are entrusted with the land and the Auotski temple until Ushio comes to age. At that time he may return to Japan alone, unless earlier accompanied by you.' Ryo stared at the letter, his fingers gripping the paper. 'You have a brother?' Dee gazed over his partner's shoulder, scanning the letter even after hearing the contents. 'A half brother. My birth father remarried again, so it seems. I wonder what happened to his mother?' Ryo knew that if he was now the boy's guardian, that his mother was either dead or divorced from their deceased father. With a sigh, Ryo glanced at the clock. He'd have to leave early to pick Ushio up.

{The Airport}

Two figures stood side by side watching the planes take off and land at New York's main airport. The light brown haired man sighed, shifting his weight on the balls of his shoes. 'Something wrong, Ryo?' the gentle breeze of his partner's deep voice caused the cop to glance sideways. 'I just wish I had know about this sooner. I don't even have a bedroom set up for him yet,' the half Japanese man sighed. 'Well, you could always kick that brat... I mean, Bickey out of his room, ' Dee suggested, smirking to himself. 'Dee,' came a warning tone, causing the caramel skinned man to flush and laugh uneasily. 'I think the guest room will do for now,' Ryo decided, glad he had cleaned the house that weekend. Beside him, Dee grinned to himself, suddenly stretching with a yawn. One slick arm went around Ryo's back, just about to pull him into an embrace. A swift kick to his posterior made him yelp and swing around. Golden eyes blinked with shock and confusion at the empty terminal. 'Oh, I thought you were with Cal this evening, Bicky,' Ryo's voice spoke, the name jerking Dee Laytner back around to glare at the blond haired, dark skinned young boy. Light blue eyes smirked back at him, grin widening at the cop. 'You kicked me, you little runt!' Dee hissed, narrowed his eyes in fury. 'You should stop trying to grope Ryo, you big pervert,' the boy replied, dancing out of harms way. Dee raced after the 12 year old youth, vengeance burning in his heart.

Black eyes scanned the crowd, searching. They briefly rested on a young boy laughing as an angry dark haired man chased after him, tripping over luggage and nearly avoided run ins with the other people gathered in the terminal. Fingers tightened around the smooth handle of his bag as he continued to search the crowd. Ushio's eyes narrowed as he sighed, this was just not his day. He didn't even know what this 'Ryo' looked like, except for the fact that he was half Japanese. But then again, sometimes people born from 2 different places looked completely from one of the parents or both. Then, he suddenly saw him. No doubt about it, that man was his blood.

Sea green globes gazed silently into deep pools of darkness, sparking a flame of realization in the two young men. Ryo stood completely unmoving as a midnight haired youth stepped towards him, crossing the terminal grounds in quick and easy steps. The boy moved with silent grace, as if he were some kind of trained assassin, or perhaps a fey from Avalon. Deep in his eyes was the knowledge of centuries of battles and gained wisdom, eyes that no child should ever be forced to have. Ryo frowned, not even realizing that Dee and Bicky were now tussling a few feet away, unfocused on the two brothers.

Ushio gazed back into the eyes of his brother. Instinctively, he flicked his gaze over the man's features; misty eyes, smooth features, light brown windkissed hair, muscled male form, badge... badge? ~ I wonder if he's a cop or something?~ Ushio didn't make a sound, his body slipping easily into a panther-like movement as he stalked across the terminal. His finely tuned form moved fluidly, passing everyone in his path without even touching the closest one. All the years spent fighting monsters and demons had honed his instincts, even without the spear. Within seconds, he stood before the other man, gazing up at the frowning face of his older brother.

'Hello,' Ryo began uneasily, watching the boy who merely studied him. The boy shook his head, strands of black falling over his tanned face only to be swept back by skilled fingers. 'Ohayo,' the youth replied, gazing at him once more. Ryo blinked, oh yes, his brother was raised in Japan and likely didn't know much English. Switching quickly back to his other language he began to greet his little brother, the boy with the ancient eyes.

{'Ohayo. You must be Ushio,' Ryo commented, smiling gently. Ushio blinked at him, confused for a moment, but quickly shook off the feeling. 'You're Ryo... or is it Randy?' the young man glanced at the police badge still pinned to the elder's white silk shirt. 'Both. But, my friends call me Ryo,' the man offered, holding out a hand. Ushio's own took it hesitantly, shaking firmly and making Ryo wince. The Japanese youth quickly released the other's fingers, remembering his unique strength suddenly. Ryo simply shook his head and laughed, enjoying the confused expression flitting over his younger brother's face, breaking the emotionless exterior he had presented before. 'Nice to meet you,' the cop announced, smile widening happily.}

Dee and Bicky had stopped their scuffle as soon as they heard the first Japanese spoken word. Both man and boy looked over to see Ryo chatting away with a petite dark haired youth, standing only to Ryo's shoulders. He was obviously of full Japanese orient, with his tanned skin and deep opaque eyes. The boy's body was lean, not heavily muscled, although his waist was thin. Wearing a black uniform and a white buttoned up top, he looked like any old schoolboy. Dee glanced at the pack he hefted with one hand on his back, it looked a bit too heavy, but the boy carried it with ease. Even as the boy spoke, Dee had the weirdest feeling that his eyes were watching them as well, never releasing their unbidden hold. That thought brought a shiver down the older cop's spin as he pushed himself to his feet.


Writer's note: Yes, Tora will be entering this fic sometime in the near future... I don't want to leave everyone hanging for too long. Oh, and the next chapter introduces a character I've only seen in pictures, but never used in a fic before. I really don't know his real name, but I'll try to describe him the best I can in the next chapter. See you soon!