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All's Well that Ends Well


'Keep your voice down, Dee.'

'But, he just said??!'

'Ushio's still sleeping.'


'I said, Shut UP!' ~sigh, blush~

'Ok, ok. Don't get so upset.' ~geesh, what's his problem?~

'Gomen. I just don't want you to wake him up.'

'Sure, we'll just play house with a bunch of demon animals...' ~grumble~

'We are monsters, not demon animals.'

'Big difference.'

'Why you...!'

'Tora... stop fighting, baka,' Ushio grumbled as he blinked open his eyes. The room was fuzzy for a moment, the lights piercing painfully into his eyes as he struggled to fully wake up.


'No, don't do that!'

'Get back here you little...!'

'Bickey, Dee! Don't wreck the house!'

'But, he started it!' ~two voices cried in sync~

'I don't care who started it, just keep it down.'

'He's right. After all, Ushio is still sleeping.'

'What do you care? You're a demon, he's a demon hunter.'

'I'm a monster, not a demon. And yes, Ushio is a hunter, but he only attacks monsters who are a threat to humans.' ~calm and rational. Definitely not Tora.~

'I don't see why we have to explain this to them. The brat should do it when he wakes up.' ~Louder grumbling.~

A door opening brought everyone's attention to the person watching them silently. Long white hair flowed down his back, nearly touching the back of his feet. Cool violet eyes took in everything and everyone, stopping on the humans briefly to make sure they were unharmed, then moving to rest on the giant tiger youkai currently perched on the back of the couch.

'It's been a long time, Tora,' the youth whispered, grinning slightly at the giant beast who grunted in return. 'Ushio, are you all right?' Ryo had moved directly up to his brother, trying to assure himself that the youth wasn't harmed. 'I'm fine. My body heals itself quite quickly,' Ushio whispered, smiling up at his older brother.

'Just glad you're safe kid. Now, would you mind explaining everything to us?!' Dee was fuming silently, still angry about the fact that everything happened behind his back.

'I suppose there really is no other choice. all right then,' Ushio stated, walking across the room and sitting down on the couch. He glanced up at Tora for a moment with a slight smile, then turned back to his audience.

Looking over them, Ushio noticed that JJ and Rashin were on opposite sides of the room, with the others huddled together in the center. ~Oh dear. And they were beginning to get so close to each other before this all happened.~

'I guess it all started the day I came into possession of the beast spear...' Ushio wove the story of the last few years of his life. Rashin and Tora remained motionless, just watching silently as the expressions on the humans' faces changed as the story went on. Ushio finally ended the story, looking up into his brother's eyes for the first time that evening.

'Father... was killed by a bakamono,' Ryo whispered, clutching Dee for support. 'Hai. An ice wolf. He killed Mayuko and her family before I could stop him. But, in the end... I did kill him,' Ushio whispered, clenching his hands in his lap.

'There's something I don't understand,' Dee said suddenly. Ushio glanced up at him in surprise. 'Why did the black blob... the one you called the Shifter. Why did it haunt the wielders of the Beast Spear?' the older cop asked.

'I'm not really sure. All it said was that it had always done so. Perhaps, it was also created along with the spear itself. Because, in the beast spear right now are three spirits, once human. They died to create the spear, so maybe the Shifter had some kind of connection with them,' Ushio whispered, shaking his head.

'It's dead now. No way of asking it,' Tora grunted, flicking his tail back and forth. 'Yes, it is dead. I'm just glad you're all right, Ushio,' Ryo said, smiling at his younger brother who smiled back.


JJ eyed the weasel monster across the room. It was hard to believe that the creature could turn into a handsome human man, even harder to believe that he'd fallen for the trick. After all, everyone knows that monsters cannot love.

Blue eyes widened as JJ caught Rashin looking back at him, his dark eyes threatening to swallow him up. Glancing away quickly, JJ itched to leave the room, to get away from those eyes.


'Wow, so you can turn into a human, Bickey was gushing wildly as he and Cara stared at the two monsters in fascination. 'Hai,' whispered Rashin, his form shifting to that of a human. 'Cool,' the two teens whispered, turning their attention to Tora, waiting...

'Nani?' the monster tiger grunting, when he found the two brats watching him, waiting for him to do something. 'Tora doesn't turn into a human. In fact, I bet you can't, can you?' Ushio teased, glancing over his shoulder at his best friend. Tora growled back, insulted, as he leapt off the couch and paced around in front of the boy.

Ushio blinked in surprise when the beast began to glow, his body surging upwards in a red haze. As the light died down, the boy found himself staring up into dark emerald eyes that frowned back at him.

Everyone stared at the human man standing in the center of the room. His long orange hair was pulled back into a long ponytail, his broad shoulders and small waist similar to that of his monster form. But, what was really impressive was his height. He was a head taller than Dee and wore a simple flowing white t-shirt and blue jeans that clung to his legs.

Ushio just blinked several times in shock, staring wide eyed at his partner.

'Why the hell didn't you Ever do this before?!' the boy's yell made everyone but Tora jump. 'It was more fun to haunt you as a beast,' Tora smirked, crossing his arms over his chest. 'Oh, you are so dead!' Ushio yelled, pulling the beast spear out of who knows where and chasing the orange haired man out of the room.

'And to think it was so peaceful before,' Ryo sighed, listening to the pairing racing out the door and into the yard. 'They were always like this,' Rashin stated, smiling calmly. Glancing to the side, he eyed the blue haired human who looked uncertain.

JJ blinked in shock when he suddenly found the object of his thoughts standing in front of him, watching him silently. 'We should talk,' Rashin insisted, drawing the younger cop out of the room for some privacy. Dee watched them go, then focused his attention back of the owner of his heart.

All's well that ends well, right, Dee?' Ryo smiled back at him, before walking out of the room after the kids. 'Guess so,' the dark haired man replied, following.


'Baka. I missed you,' Ushio whispered suddenly, surprising the orange haired man sitting next to him on the roof. Tora just scratched his cheek in confusion as Ushio smiled down, watching Rashin and JJ talking on the front steps. Dee and Ryo and the kids suddenly exited the house as well, gathering in the yard and waving as Hyou and Karani came through the gates.

Ushio smiled, knowing somehow that everything was going to turn out right.

...the End!...

Author's Note: Finally! I had planned a shorter ending, but one of the readers, and you know who you are, wanted to see how the humans would react to the demons. Also, why the shifter haunted the spear bearers. Hope this answers everyone's questions from the fic. Please review, and I hope to get a new Ushio and Tora fic up soon!