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~What did he mean, revolution? That creature... so powerful.~ Tora's mind was overwhelmed with the memory of his little encounter with death. The monster's large orange form flew through the wind, not caring as to where he would end up. ~Is there anyway to stop this thing? What did he mean, when he said the brat couldn't be used against him? That kid has the power of the beast spear... hm... but, that creature too carried the spear, with even more grace and ability. It was as if the weapon was as much a part of him as his own limbs. Such a tremendous energy...~ The beast shivered as he recalled the white haired one.

Large white eyes blinked as the monster became aware of his surroundings. Setting down on the thin wire fence bordering the rooftop, the beast watched the students flocking out of school below him. Yes. There he was. His gaze landed on the boy who was laughing with the two girls striding beside him. The brat, he didn't even realize he was in danger.

Leaping down, he followed them as they headed out of the schoolyard.


~Why the heck is Tora stalking us like that?~ Ushio resisted the urge to glance over his shoulder. The demon usually preferred to perch on his shoulders and embarrass the hell out of him, but today... today he was acting really strange. 'Ushio,' Asako interrupted his thoughts, glaring at him. 'H-hai?' he stuttered, trying to cover up his slip in attention. 'You didn't forget, did you, Ushio-kun?' Mayuko asked lightly. 'Forget?' his mind whirled. Oh, just great. Now Asako was going to...

'I knew you'd forget. Everytime...' the girl ranted on and on. Tora sighed to himself, wishing for nothing more than to rip out her tongue. She was just too loud, even for a human. And seeing as how Ushio didn't seem to be listening to her either, he probably felt the same way. Ok, not the ripping out her tongue part, but anything to shut her up. ~Stupid human child. Feh! Love is a strange thing, makes me glad I'd never do something as stupid as falling for a creature like her. He's so weak, allowing himself to be pushed around like that.~

The monster blinked as he refocused on the group's conversation. 'It's going to start soon, lets hurry,' Mayuko urged them towards the park. Even Ushio was smiling again, grinning like a little kid who'd just gotten a new toy. ~What the heck is going on?~ Tora sweatdropped as he saw the mountains of people lining the streets and hurried after the trio. ~Everyone has gone nuts.~


Ushio laughed, before shutting up. Following the girls through the small forest, he glanced up to see the sun nearly directly overhead. It was almost time. To his surprise, he could no longer see the girls ahead of him. Worried, he rushed through the branches, almost shocked at how easily they parted for him.

The beast spear master stared around in awe when he found himself in a beautiful glade. Amazingly enough, everything seemed at peace there, unbroken by the sounds of normal humans tramping around. It was as if he'd found a magical wonderland only for him. Glancing around, his thoughts strayed back to the girls and he nearly took off to find them again. Until... something stopped him in his tracks.

The voice was back. Echoing in his head, urging him to relax, to stay in that serene place for a little longer. The boy turned to find the perfect spot highlighted by the sun in the center of the emerald glade. His body felt drawn to it, his legs moving on their own until he was standing directly in front of it. The spear hummed gently, though not from the presence of evil. It was... calming. The youth felt heavy, his body sinking down, laying directly in the sun's gaze.

The heat burned around him, that was when he remembered why they had been in the park in the first place. ~The eclipse. It should be happening any moment. But, you're not suppose to look at the sun when it happens, or... or something bad could happen...~ His ebony eyes felt the pull as they stared upwards, his body frozen in that time and space. Something bad...


Tora growled as he followed the boy, almost loosing him. The branches seemed to push him away, the forest itself trying to stop him from reaching the youth. ~Shit! Something is going to happen, something bad...~ He grunted as he fell onto his stomach into the glade, his entire body aching. Lift his eyes, he felt his body freeze, his eyes transfixed on the sight before him.

The eclipse had begun. Even as the moon and sun merged, the transformation began. At first, it only seemed like the boy himself was staring at the sight above him. Until the monster saw his eyes. His normally deep black eyes were becoming violet, his breath coming out labored. His short hair shivered without wind, his entire body shaking. Even as the beast watched in horror, the youth threw back his head, fangs glistening in the pale light. His hair flowed out, long... but it was not the normal transformation of the Beast Spear's bearer... no, it was very different.

Tora couldn't help but notice that the long black strands seemed alive, flowing in the air around the boy's body like long snakes. The black school uniform seemed to rip apart on its own, a long white robe appearing on his naked and changed form. ~He most certainly is not male now.~ Tora's thoughts were interrupted when the moon and sun became one. The light seemed to empower the creature before him, the body moving gracefully to its feet. In one hand was the beast spear, glowing with the same light as the youth. Ushio's head suddenly snapped around, slitted violet eyes focused upon him, like they had been in that other world. Silence stretched between them, the beast wondering what the hell he'd gotten himself into and how the heck he was going to survive...


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